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Well as the title says Im looking for a new picture that suits me...
If someone has any idea you can post them here :P

Also New Sumbissions coming :

- Desert - 2cnd Test
- Another Ambient Song of 5:17 Minutes,Im Trying To Make A Title To Fit It... Lol

I have seen that in all my submissions.....when I go in 1st place an asshole give me a vote of 3 or 0 to make me fall to the floor of the ranks...
Wtf is wrong with that people?
I can´t get the 1st place if always someone vote me low and someone told me that sometimes its the people who are in 2cnd place or 3rd and they do that to reach 1st...
I will submit one song more on NG if that happens again I will leave this place and enter in a site where I get fair votes and reasons...not kids who give 0 bcuz they are bored or doesnt have a life lol

So if you voted low on me and you didnt had a good reason...I will tell you kindly "FUCK YOU" :D


Having Good News

2008-12-04 02:26:42 by DarkZhero

It seems that I got Approved on NG to make audio submissions :D
So I will work on a new song...heh since 5 months that i dont make a song,the last one was Electro-Doom and it seems to have a good score for now :P
Anyway I will keep you updated people.

Having Good News